Yoga Benefits


Sweating is one of the natural ways of removing toxins from the body. Deep breathing also helps aerate the lungs, forcing stale air out and new air in. Hot Yoga further promotes more sweat through a heated room.


Yoga poses and flows will raise your heart rate and increase the circulation of oxygen-rich blood to the joints, connective tissues, and internal organs. Yoga poses create spacious openings so blood can go to places that are usually closed and tight, bringing rich nutrients into those areas resulting in healthier joints, organs, and overall health & wellbeing.


To everyones surprise, you can burn 350-550 calories in one yoga class. Yoga poses require physical strength, core muscles engagement, and concentration from the mind. All these activities require energy in our body. In addition for Hot yoga, exercising in the heat will increase your metabolism rate and sweat, resulting in faster weight loss.


By focusing on breathing, the mind develops focus, bringing strength and calmness. A full mind and body union is required for each yoga pose and naturally results in a higher state of mind. An opening of tightness from many areas also reduces tensions in our body leading to enhanced blood circulation.


One of the most obvious signs of aging is the loss of flexibility. Yoga reduces joint degeneration and improves muscle coordination, helping to slow the aging process. Regular yoga practice increases mobility & movement of body especially in older age.


Yoga poses improve overall flexibility in the body which leads to an improvement of our daily life. Spinal movement, hips & shoulder mobility, and overall body flexibility through proper stretching are essential elements for longevity.


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