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What I love most about ABSOLUTE YOU is that it has become a place where friends have been made, passions have been born out of and a real sense of community is there. It’s part of people’s lives and part of their lifestyles.

Benjaporn Karoonkornsakul, Founder of ABSOLUTE YOU

Back then, I was in Hong Kong working in finance and the pace was frantica typical work hard, play hard environment and lifestyle. Whilst it was enjoyable I needed some balance in my life. I found this in Yoga. I fell in love with Yoga and it’s been a long and enduring love affair since then. I was hooked after my first class. I felt good during class, and I felt great after class with how light I felt and how relaxed my mind was.


After I went from hard working single woman to a married mother of 2 children, I continued with Yoga but I also needed something to target certain muscles to tone up and build strength and regain and maintain a Long & Lean body that at the same time was not bulky.


I’ve relied on Yoga and Pilates Reformer for a long time to keep fit and healthy and as time went on and as I grew older (as did my friends!) I noticed how women and men find it harder to maintain their weight. So, my next exercise is Coreblast, targets core strength, flexibility and promotes lean muscles during a cardio burn. It’s a fun, dynamic exercise.

Once I moved back to Thailand, I needed to find a way to continue my practice and the only way was to open my own studio. It allowed me to indulge my passion as well as share what I had discovered with my friends and family. That was just my little plan that has grown over the years to become the Best Yoga Studios in Thailand with over 100,000 getting on board.


This is when I discovered Pilates Reformer, very effective, fun and scientific. The resistance helped the definition of long and lean muscles and the routine of engaging my core in the correct way toned my abs really quickly. As a result I looked better in my 40’s than I did in my 30’s!


We all know health is not just about exercise- it’s also about food. One of my greatest loves in life is food and one of my biggest enjoyments of the day is eating. I live to eat, not eat to live. I wanted to enjoy it everyday without feeling guilty or gaining unnecessary weight. My goal was to offer and healthy eating habit but at the same time making it tasty and delicious and that’s when I created Absolute FitFood. I’m now happy as I can eat healthy and tasty everyday (and it allows me to be naughty once in a while)


To be 60 and feel like I’m 40 just like I’m 40 now and feel like I’m 20-

(Founder & Managing Director)

Ben’s mission is to create fun, supportive environment that challenges students to change their mind and body through exercise.


(Executive Director)

Claire went into Yoga teaching after left the banking world. Claire moved from Singapore to BKK and has since then grown from a teacher to management role. Claire manages ABSOLUTE YOU's team of instructor & look after the group's international business expansion.


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